Plan For A Marketing Plan Essay

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The meeting was called to order by Rogers Ideozu, Committee Chairman.
I. Approval of Agenda
It was moved (Ulmer) and seconded (James) to approve the agenda presented with the revision of adding item; Update on Existing & Ongoing Projects (IV). The motion was approved.

II. Approval of Minutes
It was moved (Ulmer) and seconded (James) to approve the October 4, 2016 PDF Committee Meeting Minutes as presented. Mrs. James inquired will there be smaller rooms or office space within the training center to accommodate smaller groups and Dr. Alston wanted to know will it be available for board meetings to be held. Mr. Ideozu pointed out there will be sliding walls installed to partition the room to accommodate smaller groups and Mr. Brunson indicated there will not be an area available for board meetings to be held, however the current board room will be renovated. The motion was approved.

III. Strategic Plan Update
Strategy 1, Objective 1A: To develop a marketing plan for FHC we have radio spot announcements on 101.3 as well as live tapings on 90.3 promoting FHC services. Flyers, brochures, newspapers and billboards are also in use. It was suggested that Mrs. Haigler consider looking in to some other radio stations as well to promote FHC services. Objective A7: With an effort to expand health fairs/special community events at satellite sites, this year, FHC has participated in a total of 20 health fairs and/or community events throughout our service areas. Outreach
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