Plan For Creating A Treatment Plan

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Transaction #4 Client: Yeah, I’m getting too old for this. I just want to get a little apartment or a room and a job to keep me going. I need my own place where I can just be alone with no one to bother me. Worker: I hear you. But, what’s the most important thing right now? What’s your plan? Skill: Maintaining a focus on the goals. Reading the client: Is this guy going to help me get a room for me to rent? I keep insisting that that’s what a need hoping that he’ll offer me some help with that. Reading myself: I’m feeling more confident that we can get on with the task of creating this treatment plan. I need to keep asking John specific questions about his plan of action or simply guide him in the process of coming up with ideas for setting goals and reaching for them. Evaluation: Staying on track with creating a treatment plan cannot be a rigid task. I need to stay open to being flexible and realize that if John is not ready to come up with specific plans for his post-detox work on recovery then perhaps this is not the time to do that. Another try: I reflect on my questions and say something like: John, what do you suppose would be the consequences of your continued substance abuse? How willing are you to make changes to move in another direction? New skill: Reframing Transaction #5 Client: I need to get through this detox and then, on Monday, I’m supposed to go to residential treatment. They wouldn’t allow me in until I detoxed. But hey, once I get
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