Plan For Instruction It Is Important For School

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To effectively plan for instruction it is important to know the background of the students. Before even meeting the students in person it is wise to identify certain aspects of their lives that may affect their learning. There is no school that is exactly the same. Across the United States schools differ immensely regarding to demographics. Being a teacher, there has to be research done about specific schools and school district because no two schools are exactly alike. For example, searching for basic demographics for schools is important to get a basis of who your students are. Fortunately, for Wisconsin teachers we can use the convenient website Wisedash to find out demographics of any school in Wisconsin. The school I participated in was Wedgewood Park Middle School in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Public School District is the largest school district in Wisconsin. It provides a wide variety of different schools for college or career prep. Wedgewood Park Middle School is an International Baccalaureate School which means that it is a curriculum used worldwide to set students up for college success. The IB system has a rigorous educational program that adds to the set of requirements teachers need to accomplishment. At MPS teachers also have to abide by the common core standards. This puts a lot of added stress and pressure for teachers since they not only have to follow common core standards, but also IB standards. Before we went to work in the schools we looked up the
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