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a. If you were going to purchase health insurance today, which of your “Top Two” plans would you choose and why? Include the rationale for your choice and information about the deductible, premium, co-pay, and specialist information. When purchasing insurance it is extremely imperative that one assesses all of the benefits, specifications, and details offered in order to choose the best plan in regards to deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance-just to name a few. Among the “Top Two” plans that I chose, if I was to purchase health insurance today I would choose the United Healthcare Silver Compass H.S.A. 3600 plan, as it fulfills my healthcare needs the most. This specific plan only has a $500 deductible, full premium, and a $0 copay after…show more content…
On average I go to my primary doctor 3 times a year, visit an urgent care facility about 2 times a year, and am prescribed, on average, 3 prescriptions per year. However, in the event that I need emergency and urgent care services, outpatient or inpatient services, prescription drug coverage, preventative care services or to have imaging done, I am covered at no charge after the $500 deductible. Overall, anything could happen in the course of a year that costs more than $500 dollars and if it does happen, any other services after will be covered, as the out of pocket limit is $500; unless there is a fixed indemnity for a specific service. b. Is your selected plan classified as an HMO or PPO? Explain. The United Healthcare Silver Compass H.S.A. 3600 plan is classified as a HMO plan, in which such plans offer a wide range of health care services through a network of providers that contract exclusively with the HMO, or who agree to provide services to members at a pre-negotiated rate. Since this is an HMO plan I will need to choose a primary care physician who will provide most of my health care services. HMOs are the most popular health insurance plans and this type of plan is best for me because I value preventive care services such as coverage for checkups, immunizations, and similar services, and I prefer to use a primary care provider, rather than
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