Plan Of Action And Curriculum For Creating Student Led Iep Meetings

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This year our administration is allocating times during staff meetings and inservice days to work on teacher-led focus groups. Educators were encouraged to submit initiatives or ideas that they felt would be valuable in improving our school. I submitted a proposal for a focus group that would be responsible for determining a plan of action and curriculum for creating student-led IEP meetings. We also agreed that we would create a timeline that would specify what most students would be expected to be able to do at each grade level. My focus group was approved and has met six times throughout the first semester. Our team consists of our transition specialist and intervention specialists from all grade levels and a variety of disability ranges (mild to moderate, moderate to intense, emotional disturbances, and autism). As a group, we first created a vision for what we wanted the outcome of our project to be. We decided having students both write and lead their IEP meeting by their senior year would be the ultimate goal. By the next meeting, we agreed to find research that would suggest strategies for increasing student involvement as well as interview colleagues at local area schools to determine their experiences and school practices. When we reconvened, we created a timeline which specified which component of the IEP the student would write and present at his/her meeting in each grade level (see Appendix A). Our team wanted to gradually increase students’ responsibility but
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