Plan Sg25 Will Be More Effective When Supported By The Public And Private Sector

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Initiatives implemented by PLAN-SG25 will be more effective when supported by the public and private sector. By helping individuals and businesses make environmentally sound decisions, PLAN-SG25 will enable better consumption choices and improve energy conservation. All of these seemingly small choices would eventually culminate in sustainable development, besides yielding cost savings – a positive-sum game indeed. PLAN-SG25 has dedicated significant attention to programs that raise public awareness on sustainable development. Importantly, basic information on initiatives by PLAN-SG25 is made widely available. This effort is complemented by education, community programs and corporate sector collaborations that emphasize the importance of sustainable urban design and promote greater recognition of efforts.
Climate change is already covered in subjects such as Geography, Science and Economics. The school curriculum will be enhanced to include resilience and sustainable development so that students can better understand how to address the impacts of climate change. Inside and outside classrooms, students will be exposed to topics related to sustainable urban design. School trips to solar PV manufacturing plants, incineration plants, desalination plants, green building and parks will highlight practical methods to enhance sustainability.
On the grassroots level, there are five Community Development Councils (CDCs) that organize the annual “Clean & Green Singapore” campaign to
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