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Business Plan Your Business Name OWNERS OWNERS Your Business Name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 City, State/Province ZIP/Postal Code Telephone E-Mail Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2 2. Company Summary 2 Startup and Funding Plan 3 3. Products and/or Services 3 4. Market Analysis 3 5. Strategy & Implementation 4 Marketing Strategy 4 Sales Strategy 4 Sales Forecast 5 6. Management 5 7. Financial Plan 6 Cash-flow Statement 6 Profit and Loss (also called the Income Statement) 6 Balance Sheet 6 8. Appendix 7 1. Executive Summary Write this section last. It should be a page (no longer than 2) and include everything that you would cover in a five-minute pitch. Introduce your…show more content…
Your overall sales strategy should include two primary elements: Sales force strategy. If you are going to have a sales force, do you plan to use internal or independent representatives? How many salespeople will you recruit for your sales force? What type of recruitment strategies will you use? How will you train your sales force? How will you compensate your sales force? Sales activities. When you are defining your sales strategy, it is important that you break it down into activities. Will you be making sales calls? How many? Will these be meetings? Phone calls? Web meetings? Webinars? Seminars? What specific activities will you take to make sales? Sales Forecast ** The 12 Month Sales Forecast worksheet is included in the Excel files that came with this template. Insert the table here after completing it. ** 6. Management Who will manage the business on a day-to-day basis? What experience does that person bring to the business? What special or distinctive competencies? Is there a plan for continuation of the business if this person is lost or incapacitated? If you’ll have more than 10 employees, create an organizational chart showing the management hierarchy and who is responsible for key functions. Include position descriptions for key employees. If you are seeking loans or investors, include resumes of owners and key employees. 7. Financial Plan The financial plan includes: Cash-flow Statement Profit and
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