Plan With The End Of Mind

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The goal of this step is to learn to “plan with the end in mind.” Once you know what your semester project is going to be, you want to think through “what will it take to get there.” You need to have some type of “work product” that represents your project: this document outlines a plan to keep you on track to complete your project in a timely manner. We understand that your planning may shift and evolve as you work on the project – that is not unexpected and should provide a good learning experience. This document is simply your initial planning reflecting how you think you can get from start to finish.

KIDFIT is a pilot program aimed at increasing physical activity among the children of the WeViva participants. KIDFIT will take place twice a week at the Trails at The Park location. I will be responsible for researching different physical activity methods and strategies to implement during KIDFIT, creating fun, diverse, and engaging activity plans, determining the equipment and material needed, and leading the 30-minute physical activity sessions.

Progress Objective #1
1. Describe task to be completed by this time:
Research different games and activities that are age appropriate, engaging, and promote physical activity and organize a KIDFIT binder with all the activity plans and games.

2. How is this step essential to project completion?
This step is the most essential part of the project, because it

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