Plan Your Luxury Cruise and Get the Best Deal

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By paying attention to details from the start, you can customize your vacation and save money, too. First, decide on your destination. Do you want to go to the Bahamas and swim with the dolphins, tour a coffee plantation in Esmeraldas, or attend a wine tasting in France? Or, perhaps you want to go all out and take a world cruise? You can go around the world not in 180 days… but would you believe 105?

How many days would you like for your cruise to last? There are short, two day cruises, and the more common four, seven, and eleven day trips as well as the around the world extravaganza. Decide what your travel budget will be. You’ll need to be a little flexible here, as sometimes charges such as port fees won’t be included in the total price quote for a cruise, and you must also figure in the costs for parking, sales tax, and any on-board costs, such as for drinks, that are not included in your ticket price. Once you have a dollar amount in mind, it’s time to decide on a cruise line. Get out all of those cruise ship brochures you’ve been collecting – or go online and Google a search term such as “cruise ship vacations”. Be prepared, as the search will bring back a lot of links.

What type of cabin do you want to stay in during your time on the ship? Be aware that while the inside cabins are cheaper, they also are smaller and without a view at all, as there are no windows! The onboard…

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