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Plan and organise an event (320) The purpose and benefits of planning an event are to ensure the event runs smoothly and to plan. In doing so you can ensure that time and cost are used effectively by all the people involved in the event by communicating to those involved throughout the planning stage. When planning an event I ensure I start the planning well in advance so that I have the opportunity to be thorough thus ensuring the event runs smoothly and to plan. The role of the event organiser is to manage the event. This will start at the planning stage which is the first part of organising any event, through to the delivery of the event. At the planning stage I would need to set out key objectives for the event. These can…show more content…
The types of problems that may occur when organising an event are: Venue is double booked – when possible always have an alternative venue or an alternative date Resources not available – if the resource was for example having a presentation using a power-point, I would always have everything backed up in hand-outs to ensure the audience was still able to visualise what I was going to show on a power-point presentation. There are different types of events such as: Meetings – internal staff meetings at different levels depending on what is being discussed e.g. Project team meeting to discuss how things are going or Trustee board meeting to discuss how the organisation as a whole is operating Networking events – members of the company represent the bureau at an event to publicise our services. These events are ideal for making new contacts, leading to new clients, partners, and vendors Project Launches – publicise a new project by arranging an event and inviting attendees as well as media to attend This would create a buzz around the release of the new project and is a good way to get people excited and to generate media coverage Stakeholder Meetings – meeting between funders (external to our business) to discuss progress and future funding Social events – an event for all staff to attend such as a Christmas gathering. This would be an opportunity for all staff, both paid and volunteer staff, to get together outside of

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