Plan and Response for a Chief Nursing Officer

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Chief Nursing Officer: Plan and Response The reality is that healthcare fraud negatively impacts everyone in the nation. "Health care identity theft dominated all other crimes in the sector last year, according to Louis Saccoccio, executive director of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA), an advocacy group whose members include insurers, law enforcement and regulatory agencies" (Kavilanz, 2010). Groups of organized criminals are hacking into the digital databases of healthcare organizations so that they can take money from the Medicare system, which means that the government is actually the sole largest victim of health care fraud, according to the FBI (Kavilanz, 2010). The scope and vastness of such crimes truly impact everyone. The money that is stolen not only undermines the integrity of the healthcare system as whole, but is taken away from organizations and individuals who truly need it to help people fight fatal diseases, to help them overcome chronic conditions, to put them back to work and reunite them with their families. Fraudulent activity not only compromises the integrity of the entire healthcare system, but takes numerous victims, impairing the healthcare system from accomplishing the full extent of their goals. Engaging in one's due diligence means that taking conscientious efforts to prevent and watch for the red flags of fraudulent behavior is everyone's job. As a chief nursing officer who's responsible for one of the state's largest
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