Plan for International Trade

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1. Shipping and airfreight services and determine the most appropriate transport method and route and protection/security options 1) 3 air cargo services: * Worldwide customs and forwarding agents * DHL * FedEx 3 shipping services: * K-line Japan * Worldwide customs and forwarding agents * NYK Container Line 2) The configuration and carrying capacities of 2 types of aircraft and 2 ocean vessels that go to Japan. There are many types of aircraft which go to Japan from Australia, two of these are: * Airbus a330-300 Range: 11,750 km Overall length: 63.96 m Height: 16.83 m Max Payload: 45.9 tonnes Freight Capacity: LD3 capacity under floor: 32 Max pallet number under floor: 9+5 LD3 Bulk…show more content…
Containers are connected at the corners with locking devices. Today, container ships are used as major transport method between countries, and most of products, which are called dry cargo such as daily products, processed food, timbers and metals, are transported by container ship. * Reefer ship Reefer ships are a refrigerated cargo ship; a type of ship typically used to transport perishable commodities which require temperature-controlled transportation, such as fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products and other foods. Carrying capacities depend on the number electrical outlet of that ship. 3) Shipping services and transport routes offered by the 3 air cargo services and 3 shipping services. Air cargo service * FedEx FedEx is an American global courier delivery services company. The company has expanded from its original focus on ground and air-based services to include home delivery options and a retail division. They have 5 choices when shipping around the world. In case of above 68kg packages, customers can choose 2 choices, Transport routes: the products will be corrected by FedEx from factories to FedEx branch, and then they are carried to the nearest airport. After that, the products are transported to Japan by airplane. It is not sure that where the products go through on the way to Japan. It may be transported directly from Australia or it might be sent to Japan via some airport like Hong Kong, Singapore
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