Plan of Champ de Mars, Paris 1889

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Plan of Champ de Mars, Paris 1889

This is a twenty-six by forty-eight centimeter plan of the Champ de Mars during the Exposition Universelle of 1889, used by visitors at the time of the fair, a bold political statement on the part of France, as well as an overwhelming success. The Third Republic was established in Paris in 1870, and by 1884, when preliminary studies for the the Exposition Universelle were launched, many political issues were still largely unresolved. In 1870 Napoleon III surrendered at the Battle of Sedan during the Franco-Prussian War. Two days after the defeat Republicans proclaimed the advent of the Third Republic. The Franco-Prussian war ended with Paris's capitulation in 1871. A group of Parisians found Prussia's
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The Guide Bleu du Figaro et du Petit Journal is approximately 288 pages long, and comprises illustrations and plans designed by S. Krakow. The first page of the book advertises five maps and thirty-one drawings. Very detailed descriptions of the pavilions are interspersed among a wide array of advertisements, no doubt to keep the price of the book down at one franc. The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), which lists the holdings thousands of libraries around the world, reports that there are seven other Guide Bleu du Figaro et du Petit Journal in the United States. WorldCat, another comprehensive database of publications, lists two additional libraries that own the Guide Bleu.

Inspired by the historical Arc de Triomphe, the layout of the exposition itself was meant to stir pride in France. Atop the Champs-Elysées, according to Edward Lockroy, " was understood that the exhibition would take the form of an Arch of Triumph laid out on the ground; the summit being formed by the Palace of Machines, the Keystone by the Central Dome, and the two extended arms by the parallel Palace of Beaux Arts and the Palace of the Liberal Arts" ( Silverman, 85).

The exposition opened the day after the official centennial celebration, which included a pilgrimage to Versailles. On May 6, President Sadi Carnot inaugurated the fair by

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