Planes During World War 1 Essay

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On July 28, 1914 the beginning of a catastrophe has appeared in the world causing fear amongst many individuals. With the world going into complete shutdown lasting a total of four extensive years where numerous innovations were needed to progress in overcoming the opposition. Planes were developed recently and has made a huge contribution to the first world war by being used as a reconnaissance, transportation and air support as a weapon. With the integration of planes WWI has become a different type of battleground with planes involved since there has never been such a war of this caliber with any type of air unit to this extent. Previous usage was only hot air balloons or zeppelins that were very easy targets and could get annihilated in quick succession. The comparison from…show more content…
At a time where traveling long distances were extremely tough, using planes were a solid way of transporting necessities such as, food, medical supplies and weaponry. Not as common in WWI, but was still used occasionally to assist troops in fighting and if there were things needed. At that time planes were one of the best ways since there was no direct option in sending items from other places. The last way to illustrate purposes of planes during WWI is air support. As planes advanced in technology it became a weapon used often. From the role of observer to the duty of military aggression, the plane had gained mounted guns and other attacking forces like bombs. Flying across the battlefield would be the perfect position on releasing bombs. Mounted guns would serve as destroying other enemy observers and planes. Having air support would greatly aid ground units. At the peak of top airplanes in WWI the British had constructed a plane that could carry a bomb load of up to 900 kg with top speed at 97 mph. Assistance from above was superior and caused the turn of some battles. Development was increasing and made countries expand production of
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