Planet Camazotz Quotes

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At first, it seems like there is no way for Meg to save her father. She knows that in order for her to save him, she need information on why he’s missing. For instance, on page 58, Calvin said “‘You take it from there. That’s all I know.’ ‘That’s bout all I know, too,’ Meg said. ‘Maybe mother knows more. I don’t know. What he did was well, it was what they called Classified.” Meg don’t know that classified information on her father's mission had to be important. If it isn’t, her family can always contact him rather than not knowing. If her father is still on Earth, Meg’s mother should be able to know where he is. Instead, she didn’t know because the government could be hiding something. Besides, on page 56, it states “Mother, you were going…show more content…
Meg knows that in the planet camazotz, people will act very different than from Earth, but not like how they act in this mysterious planet. To begin with, on page 120, it states “It may have been Dennys or Sandy or any one of hundreds of boys with a newspaper route in any one of hundreds of towns back home, and yet, as with the children playing ball and jumping rope, there was something wrong about it. The rhythm of the gesture never varied. The paper flew in identically the same arc at each doorway, landed in identically the same spot. It was impossible for anybody to throw with suh consistent perfection.” Although Meg is curious about what’s going on with this planet, she have no information other than what the three Ws said though it won’t be much of a help. Adding on, on page 119, Mrs Who quoted “Charles Wallace held the ball out beyond the woman so that the boy could see it. Quick as a flash the boy leaped forward and grabbed the ball from Charles Wallace’s hand, then darted back to the shadows. The woman went very white, opened her mouth as though to say something, then slammed the door in their faces instead. All up and down the street doors slammed. ‘What are they afraid of?’ Charles Wallace asked. ‘What’s the matter with them?’” People’s actions may speak as loud as their words. To us, the way every movement is done exactly at the same time may be
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