Planet Fitness Research Paper

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WHY? When I think of a humanist I think of someone who thinks outside of the box. A person who just doesn’t think about the basic things. That person may think about the history of something and dig more information about that thing and where it came from, how it became. They focus on artifacts. I feel like they have a better connection when humanist explain what they are thinking or when humanist find the meaning of something. They think very different compared to someone who isn’t a humanist. The place that I am at is called Planet Fitness. When you first walk in there are tables where you can sit at if you’re waiting for someone or if you are signing up to become a member. If you walk further down there is an opening to go somewhere but…show more content…
Some are listening to music others are watching TV on the screens, and the others are just working out. For the ones just listening to music. I wonder what type of music they are listening too? And same goes for the ones watching TV which TV are they looking at and what show are they watching? The way they humanist would ask questions about being in a gym like setting are; Why does Planet Fitness look the way it is? What is the logo to Planet Fitness? Why are the main colors purple and gold? What type of machines do they have? They are playing music in the background what type of music is it? They have cold beverages, what kind? I notice that the staffs have two different uniforms staff and trainer why? WHY? Attempting to answer the questions as a humanist would. The way Planet Fitness looks the way it does is because they are different than any other place you would work out at. The logo is setting logo with a good job thumbs up in the middle. When you look at the color wheel and when companies or schools pick up the color they want for their logo. The color is usually the opposite. When you look at the traditional twelve step color wheel the color yellow and violet(purple) are opposite of eachother. Yellow and Violet are two colors that stand out when the are beside each other. Think of when you are in the car passing by a store and you see those two colors may get your attention your eyes attract
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