Planet Fitness 's Creative Marketing Plan

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Introduction Planet Fitness has taken the workout world by storm, reaching an amazing store count of 1,124 in only 23 years of business. This outstanding success didn’t occur through luck, but through fantastic marketing strategies that have had a considerable impact on other gym’s ideology on how to attract customers. In this paper, Planet Fitness’s creative marketing plan will be described in full, from what their product offers to how they successfully attack an extremely competitive market.

Company Background Prosperity hasn’t always been a characteristic of Planet Fitness, which was founded by Michael and Marc Grondahl. The two brothers bought a bankrupt Gold’s Gym in Leominster, Massachusetts in 1992 that turned out to be a terrible mistake, as they were evicted shortly after. This mistake affected the brother’s finances immensely, but helped them gain the knowledge that would catapult them into the position they are into today. Co-founder Marc Grondahl highlighted this in an interview with American Express saying, “We didn’t have enough experience, the location was bad and it didn’t have enough parking. There were lots of problems. We went back to the drawing board and started again in 1993 with a new location, which turned out much better.” Both brothers were forced to live in their new gym for 6 months until they could afford for an apartment. At first, they both second-guessed themselves quite often, especially with their membership fee. They started by…
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