Planet Of The Apes By Pierre Boulle

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Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle tells the story of Ulysse, a space explorer and journalist in the year 2500, who lands on a peculiar planet called Sorer. On this planet, humans are mindless creatures and great apes are intelligent beings, and Ulysse finds himself placed into a biological research facility, where he other “feral” humans are caged and investigated by great apes. In an attempt to convince the great apes of his journey and the notion that on planet Earth, it is the human race that evolved to be civilized, Ulysse embarks on a series of demonstrations to earn his freedom. When Ulysse is situated at the research facility, he carefully observes the three kinds of great apes that inhabit Sorer: the chimpanzees, orangutans, and gorillas. The novel portrays each species to have different characteristics and social behaviors; the chimpanzees being progressive and smart, the gorillas aggressive and ignorant, and the orangutans stubborn and conservative. This paper will thus explore how accurate these depictions are in reality. Additionally, during his attempts to establish his intelligence to the great apes of Sorer, Ulysse’s human companion Nova begins to learn the Simian language. Thus, the evolution of speech and how humans evolved to possess what’s necessary for speech will also be explored. The social class structure and characteristics of the three main non-human primates in the tale, the aggressive gorillas, conservative orangutans and progressive
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