Planet Of Viruses Research Paper

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A Planet of Viruses
For centuries new viruses have been discovered each and everyday by thousands of different scientists. These viruses affect the lives of almost a billion people. Even though many of these viruses can be harmful to the human body, they have played a phenomenal role in the biological advances over the past century. They move DNA between species, regulate vast populations of organisms, and provide new genetic material for evolution. Viruses influence every single species on earth. Over the centuries, viruses took on another meaning: it signifies any contagious substance that could spread disease. A virus could be a substance that travels through the air or may be passed by touch or even a fluid. In 2000, fifty miles southeast
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Some thought that viruses were simply chemicals, but others thought viruses were parasites that grew inside cells. After many different experiments scientist discovered that 95 percent of viruses were proteins and the other 5 percent consisted of nucleotides, but they did not know that viruses produce much of the oxygen we breath or help control the planet’s thermostat. And they had no idea that the human genome is partly composed of thousands of…show more content…
It helped me better understand all of the different experiments that where done and that are being done to figure out what a virus is. It was very alluring to read about the different scientists and allowed the reader to see the progress made throughout the years to better explain a virus. I highly recommend this book to students who are interested in different diseases. This book relates to information that has been covered in class in many ways but the main way is how you should continue to test a hypothesis. Throughout the book many different scientist support their theories by performing a multitude of
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