Planet Properties

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Sarah O’Hara
Planet Properties

In this report, I will explaining the properties of objects in our solar system and how they are grouped. Before this investigation, I had barely any knowledge about the properties of planets and objects in our solar system, but I learned valuable information through research from different websites, and discussions within my group and my entire class. My report will answer the question, “How can we group objects in the Solar System according to their properties?”

Methods of Collecting Data

Throughout my investigation, I was required to collect data in order to make sure that my findings, claim, and evidence were as accurate as possible. There are different ways in which I recorded my data. In order to
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When reviewing the distance, mass, density, and diameter planets and the objects in our Solar System it becomes clear why they are in each group. For example, Mercury is a planet in group 1 and it is closer to the sun, has a high density, is composed of rock and heavy metals, and has a low mass.

Anomalies/Inconsistencies in Data: When investigating the other dwarf planets, many of them had several similarities, however, there were two that were slightly different than the others. Both Ceres and Vesta had different distances compared to the other dwarf planets. Ceres’s distance was 2.8 AU while Vesta’s was 2.36 AU. This is different compared to the other dwarf planets which have a much larger distance. For example, Sedna has 86 AU, Eris has a distance of 96.4 AU, and Haumea has a distance of 43.13 AU. This became an inconsistency, however, we did group these two planets in the third group. Despite this anomaly, all of their other properties fit the requirements for group three, such as mass, diameter, and density. Placing both Ceres and Vesta into group three was the best option compared to group 1 or 2 because the distance would be the only inconsistency when placed in group 3. If we were to place them into another group, factors such as diameter, density, and mass wouldn’t be
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