Planned Birth Method

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1) The planned birth method that Vincent’s parents used to conceive Anton seems really bad but can be a good thing because you can eliminate bad disease in the world. The quote “The child is still you… the best of you” explains that the offspring is still you but it just doesn’t have bad genes. This is good if you don’t want your child to have like huntington’s disease and etc. If everyone were to do planned birth method to our offsprings, could their generation cancel out hereditary diseases, because they wouldn’t have it if we “took them out”? But the disadvantages for this method would be that there would be no differences. We could change how tall they would be and what eye color and etc. Seems creepy. So I think that there are advantages and disadvantages to the birth method. 2) Based on the movie GATTACA I strongly believe that we should NOT discriminate anyone based on their genetics because having potential is not dependent on our genotypes. In the movie Vincent’s brother Anton was conceived through genetic manipulation to ensure he gets the best hereditary traits from their parents.…show more content…
In other words, if you found out that you’re going to die in the next few days, you would live differently. In the movie GATTACA, after Vincent’s parents hearing what age and why Vincent would die, had an effect of how they were to raise him. Whenever Vincent fell or ran, his parents were always right there to make sure he was ok mostly because they KNEW he had heart disease and that he is going to die soon. If the parents had no clue they would not be that protective of him. I guess it is a good thing to know how you’re going to die if you can, you can try to prevent it. But in my opinion I wouldn’t want to know how my child would die and when because that will all be what I will think throughout my
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