Planned Change At The San Diego Airport Authority

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Planned Change at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority Identify and describe the steps of the planned change process used in the case. After reading the article concerning the planned changes at the San Diego Regional Airport Authority, I determined there were two major areas that were focused upon. The first area of focus was the initial development of the transition plan, and secondly, dealing with the legal and regulatory aspect and any concerns that will arise in reference to this area of the change. Thella Bowen was the current senior director of the Aviation Division within the Port of San Diego. The Aviation division was accountable for operating the San Diego International Airport. There was a new law was passed by the California state law in October 2001 with the accountability of establishing and operating airports within San Diego County, with Thella Bowen being named Interim Executive Director of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority(Cummings & Worley, 2015, p. 31). Thella Bowen ultimately appointed an interim advisory board to assist in managing the evolution of these impending changes. In starting the process, in April 2002, Ms. Bowens brought together the senior team from the former Aviation Division in order to deliberate creating and managing a transition process that will be both smooth and effective. These individual were well aware of the necessity of becoming a separate agency as well as the need to be perceived in a different

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