Planned Change

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mfl CHANGE w 1 M mBRILLB AND BTBarnOIES Session 4 Planning and implementing change Contents 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 The need for strategy Alternative approaches Process and politics in implementing change Planning and scheduling Towards successful implementation of change ARer you have completed this session you should be able to: appreciate the importance of an implementation strategy in change management recognize when SIS and OD may be inappropriate approaches to planning and managing change, and consider alternative approaches such as 'turnarounds' and logical incrementalism' appreciate the risks inherent in the various approaches outlined be conversant with and able to deacribe a range of planning and scheduling teehniquea to…show more content…
Does your ordering in terms of importance bear any relationship to the American research?If is likely that there is some general resemblance. Certainly our own experience of change in UK organizations suggests that these lessons apply equally well to British companies. The 5ve key features of s u m change identified by the American r88BBFeh are: 1 Communication. Clear wmmunication w t all employees c o n c m d g the ih new strategic decision. Communicationis two way, permitting and soliciting queatio118 about the formdntad atrategg and ismm and potential problem which need to be considered 2 Start with a good concept or idm. No mount of time and effort spent on implementing a poorly formulated atrategie decision will rescue it. 3 Obtain employee commitment and involvement. This builds on the first two points above and auggeats that emplayeee and rnanagere should be involved in the formulation of change a t r a w from the beginning. Involvement and commitment needs to be developed throughout the implemenkrtion process. Involvanentin the detailed planning of imp1ementstion tgpically increases mmmitment. 4 Provide eumient resources. Four kinds of resonwe are mentioned money,human resources, technical skills, t o m e r with time end attention Prom top management. Undeiveaourcingia likely t generate o failure. H OPEN BUSINBS~ ~ O O -L PR&X%~ONAL ~IPtotd.4 INMWMEHENT SESSION 4 PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTING CHANGE 6 An implementation plan or
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