Planned Parenthood And Its Impact On Women 's Health And Safety And The Basic Human Rights

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“Nothing matters.” That quote attributed to Ambrose Bierce may be true in some cases. It may be true to those who do not value the funding of Planned Parenthood. But something does matter. And that is the funding of the healthcare resource Planned Parenthood. Many do not understand the vital role Planned Parenthood plays in the lives of up and coming parents. Planned Parenthood has been operating and serving those in need of care in the United States and overseas for more than 40 years (“Planned Parenthood Global”). Planned Parenthood has vowed in their mission statement:
“Together with a staff of experts in medicine, sexual health, advocacy, communications, and law, these leaders offer a robust vision and common sense solutions designed to protect women’s health and safety and the basic human rights of us all.”(“Our Leadership” par. 2)
In overview, Planned Parenthood is an underappreciated healthcare resource that has helped terminate/prevent unwanted pregnancy, contributed to vital medical research, and educated persons of all ages in matters including sexuality and safe practices/choices. Planned Parenthood has recently been in the national spotlight due to the number abortions the facilities across the United States conduct. While Planned Parenthood clients have an 80% reach out rate due to unwanted pregnancy, only 3% of their services are abortion related. Planned Parenthood reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies worldwide by 516 000 each year. The organization…
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