Planned Parenthood For Women 's Health Care

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Planned Parenthood is an organization that is critical for both men and women’s health care. Right now there are people trying to defund Planned Parenthood, and that would leave countless men and women without an excellent source of health care. Planned Parenthood provides a level of care that surpasses many other health care centers, and would be a devastating loss if defunded. Another thing that Planned Parenthood does is advocate for women rights, by doing so they provide abortions, but that should not be what defines the services of Planned Parenthood. They provide so much more than that, Planned Parenthood offers a wide range of tests and treatments, as well having someone there for anyone to talk to. Planned Parenthood should not be…show more content…
The reason why Planned Parenthood will continue to provide abortions is that they understand that not every women is ready or can support a baby at that time. For example an expecting mother could be a seventeen year old homeless girl. Forty eight percent of homeless seventeen year olds living on the street as well as thirty three percent in shelters are pregnant (“Enhancing Service Delivery through Title X Funding:Findings from California”). Another possibility is the expecting mother is addicted to drugs, and knows she will not be able to quit. Both of these are examples of expecting mothers that do not have the perfect life, and can be unable to take care of a child. Another thing pro-life supporters might not consider is that without Planned Parenthood these women would be forced to obtain an unsafe abortion, and if they couldn’t do that than what would happen to the baby. Would it be born addicted to drugs, or be living on the streets with its mother? Planned Parenthood understands this and will provide abortions with no judgment. Planned Parenthood will never cease to fight for women’s rights, even though it could cost them their funding. Planned Parenthood is discriminated on, because of their views on abortion. Supporters of pro-life think that if Planned Parenthood ceases to exist, than so will abortions. But defunding Planned Parenthood based on the fact
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