Planned Parenthood: The Moral Issue Of Abortion

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For many years, abortion has been vexed issue in the United States that conjures strong emotions on both sides. It is a moral issue that tears some people into two groups Pro-life and Pro-choice. Those who are Pro-life state that no matter what the reason behind it, such violent action is murder and should not be executed. On the other hand, the Pro-choice advocates are more respectful of women's rights to take such action; they believe it is their own personal decision since they are the ones who are going to take care of the child, not the law or morality. Despite society's evolving moral standards, the controversy surrounding abortion and women’s' rights still divides our nation. So why did I visit a Planned Parenthood for the first time in my life? Because I was confused as to what is the real face of the people gathered outside the abortion clinic was.…show more content…
“Think of your options dear you don’t have to make this choice.” he offers. I could smell the strong fruity scent of the middle-aged woman’s perfume as a slight breeze pasted through the shrubbery on the sidewalk. I could see her slender silhouette walking my way and a small glitter of hope in her eyes. She asked if they could talk to me for a minute I smiled and told her that’s exactly what I had in mind. I informed both the man and woman that I was there to actually observe and interview abortion protesters. I did not fully understand if they were making a change and wanted a firsthand experience. They agreed to help me in any way they could.
Ted Kramer and Patty Feemster informed me that they were not protesters but actually sidewalk counselors, stating they were there to educate women instead of harass them. They stated they were associated with a local group that branches out across the United States called 40 Days For Life.
“How often do you come out to the Planned Parenthood?” I asked Mrs.

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