Planning A Plan For The Team Leaders

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Planning is preparation of how you will execute the finish product or ending of a project. Planning is also selecting a goal, course of action, and developing a strategy. The business should first start by selecting the goal to be achieved in the project. The company should know exactly what they want to achieve from this project. A business should always have a course of action plan. The course of action should be what the company plans to do to accomplish their goal. The strategy has to be developed for the team leaders so they can inform the employees about the project and meet the deadline of the goal. The president has to make a decision on a goal and communicate it with management. The strategies can be obtained with the…show more content…
Examples of Planning A business has to create a plan before it becomes in operation. An example of planning is building a new Walmart. The plan to find the location where the Walmart will be built is the first step. The president and the management team will need to go in to the community and evaluate the population and traffic that comes through the area for the project. When building a new store, president will have to go out and look at the location and land to make sure they are within the guidelines and building codes that the city has in place. The city council may have to vote on whether they want a new business or that particular business to be in their city. City council plays a major part when new businesses come to town. This is important because you would not want to place a Walmart in an area that does not have enough people to shop there to accommodate the expenses it takes to build the Walmart and to keep it in operation after the business is established. A business will always have expenses even when it is paid in full. It takes expenses for electricity, vendors, and wages for employment, taxes, and many other things to make the business profitable to stay operation and be effective. This means planning has to be done to accomplish a prosperous business. It will take an effective and knowledgeable leader to execute the plan. The staff has to be paid and in place for
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