Planning A Viable Planned Giving Program An Effective Means Of Fundraising?

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Research Proposal

A. Proposed Research
i. Title
Two things in life are certain, death and taxes: Planned giving allows donors to reduce inheritance tax and live on through their charitable giving. Is a planned giving program an effective means of fundraising?

ii. Abstract
Planned giving is not a means to raise charitable funds fast; it takes time to build an effective and credible program and even more time to see results. A program provides people, who feel they are unable to make a donation during their lifetime, with a means to support causes which are close to their hearts. This form of giving also achieves the result of memorialising the donor after their death.

iii. Introduction
The aim of this research is to establish a viable
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Charity Officers – individuals at the head of the Charity responsible for reporting to the Governing Body.
Legacy Pledge – notification from a donor of their intention to leave a bequest.
Bequest – a gift in a will to an individual or organisation as described by the Institute of Fundraising (2014).
Recognition – the act of recognising donors for their gifts formally and informally as well as private and public shows of appreciation by the charity.

B. Participants
Participants who will be involved in this proposed area of research are listed as follows:
Charity Officers
Development Director
Deputy Development Director
Development Officer – Operations (the primary researcher)
Current donors

C. Key Questions
The research aims to answer the following questions, each of which will be broken down into more specific questions to focus the collection of data and its analysis.
i. What are the different mechanisms of planned giving and what are the benefits to the charity of each one? ii. Are the Charity’s mission, goals and activities sufficient enough to motivate donors to make a legacy pledge? iii. can the Charity articulate how planned gifts will be allocated and then spent in a way that resonates with the donor? iv. what do donors require in terms of recognition?
v. what will be a suitable method of reporting to donors during their lifetime and reporting to families and executors once a bequest has been realised?

D. Research
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