Planning And Control Of Quality, Human Resource Management And Procurement Management

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Executive Summary
This document intended to explain the basics of the management plans such as the planning and control of quality, human resource management, Communication management and Procurement management for Parking Meter with Facility to Top-up from Mobile Phones project (PMTP). To archive with the requirements asked it was used the theoretical material given in Applied Project management 1 course and practical material from the experience gained of both authors of the document.
This project is basically to develop a mobile phone app as well as construct a new parking meters system to help people manage their car parking issues in the whole Adelaide region. This project is conducted by a local technology company Mobile Technology, which is a leader company focusing on improving the convenience of people daily life with the advanced mobile technology. Adelaide City Council and local communities are also involved in this project, as an advisor, project promoter and monitor. If it is necessary to replace other equipment is also contemplated in the project, as well as to accomplish any extra requirement such as installing WiFi hot spots at remote areas.

1. Quality Planning
The quality plan is the process of identifying the definitions and standards for the project, which focuses on the standards that must be followed to comply the regulatory requirements that set by the sponsors, the organization and external agencies such as the local council.
The quality plan also
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