Planning And Implementation Of The Work Process

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Planning and improvement in the Work Process: Planning is high essential in every organization and execution of proper planning plays a major role and thus we can achieve effective output. Improvement in the work process means that implementing necessary change in the manufacturing process so that quality output is obtained. Say for example, if we could introduce the quality detector or quality check at the initial stage of paper cutting which can improve the work process. Thus we can reduce the number of defective products which in turn reduces the raw materials (paper).

Work Division: Work Division is one of the most important relevant applications. The division of work is divided based on the worker ability to do work. We need to be
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My personal, experience is when I had worked as a Mechanical Engineer for Precession tools manufacturing company; we used to have a division of work between the departments such as raw materials department, warehousing department, Technical support team, marketing department etc.,
In a situation where we have faced high demand for our products, so in order to meet that demand we need to implement a change in our production process. The required demand is achieved by changing the work process, updating the technology and machinery. Thus we can achieve efficient quality output by meeting the customer demands and expectations.

3. What would be the benefits of applying the Starship (2nd run) approach to work design . . . .

1. Effective and Efficient output.
2. Good Interrelationships and Engagements.
3. Effective Teamwork building in the organization.
4. High customer satisfaction is achieved.
5. Ideal time can be minimized.
6. Desirable or high quality can be obtained.
7. High and effective performance can be achieved.

a. for the company?

b. for the workforce?
1. Employee satisfaction can be achieved.
2. Improvement in the work process.
3. Effective communication between the employees.
4. It improvises the thought process of the work force.
5. Work rotation can be achieved which makes the employees gain work experience in all areas.
6. Motivates the employees to work together.

4. As a result of this workshop, I will . . .

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