Planning And Implementing Curriculum Accommodation

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Planning and implementing curriculum accommodation in content areas Many students with LD experience trouble with reading abilities that are significantly below grade level. Consequently, the high school text book in history and other social studies classes will represent a problem. If students have problems with interpreting what is seen, they may have difficulties with timelines, graphs, maps, charts and other visual display that frequently used to explain information in social studies. Steele (2007) demonstrated that modification can be implemented to help students with learning difficulties succeed in social studies. Textbooks are usually hard for students with learning difficulties, it is better to utilize supplementary reading material, for example, historical fiction, easier textbook and resources from the internet. For instance, websites that have many timelines and clear description of historical events, newspapers can contain information that related to social studies topics to students’ lives and communities, establish reading abilities, boost critical thinking skills and integrate concepts across social studies topics.
These resources might explain topics, themes, and abstract ideas that are too hard to understand in the textbooks (Steele, 2007). To make students with learning problems more successful, the teacher can provide lesson about a particular book, discuss part of the textbook like glossary sections, appendixes, chapters heading, maps questions,
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