Planning And Marketing Of The Medical Center

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Environmental Scan
Rush University Medical Center came into existence before Chicago even officially became a city. The Medical Center felt secure in its position in the marketplace. Other than a few program advertisements the Medical Center did not take part in strategic planning or marketing. Rush fell from the number 1 medical center to the fourth in consumer surveys (Long, 2014). They were in desperate need for strategic planning, marketing, and assessments. In order to develop new business ideas, financial models were needed to assure members of the board and hospital administrators that the organization needed strategic planning and marketing to increase admissions. Through marketing research the first item the organization decided
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The website improvements included physician directory, health information, and a referral and consultation guide for physicians. The website was easier to navigate and they have increased their marketing and information technology budgets. Rush is continuously revamping its strategic plan to keep up with the ever-changing healthcare industry. The hospital has produced many successful results due to their marketing efforts, Rush saw call volume to its physician referral line nearly double. There also was a 20 percent increase in first-time visitors to the Web site (Long, 2014). Rush went from fourth to third place in the consumer survey (Long, 2014) Admissions rose 2.3 percent from the prior year and outpatient volume grew 10 percent (Long, 2014). The marketing campaign of 2003 returned Rush to profits (Long, 2014).
Competitive Strategic Plan
There are several steps to strategic plan. Interviews should be conducted with stakeholders to develop action plan. An environmental scan should be performed. A review of the history of the organizations structure, resources, strengths, and weaknesses should be evaluated as well as their major competitors. The organization should find opportunities expand their market. Finally, a strategy needs to be developed for the organization to compete in the marketplace (McDermott
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