Planning And Organising Functions Of Management

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Planning and organising are two important functions of management. According to Akrani (2010), planning is making a decision at the moment what to do in the future. It is the progresshon whereby companies settle their assets with their goals and opportunities. Samson and Daft (2015) argue that the placement of organization capitals to reach strategic goals is organising. Companies cannot attain their goals without planning and organizing. This essay first will provide a general view of planning. Next, it will be giving the definition of Management by Objectives (MBO) and an example of Siemens, how they applied MBO effectively in planning. After that, another example of Dell computer to show the importance of strategic planning. Organising function framework and example of how organizing help companies attain goals will come after. Planning is the most crucial function of management. It is the first step of management process. When addressing the procedure of planning, it involves goal setting, making plans, formulating strategy and operation and managerial decision making. A goal is a preferred objective or target that company try to achieve (InvestorWords 2015). A plan is an outline which provides the organisations all the necessary information of resources, timetable and what to do to reach goals. Different departments are in charge of different plans. Strategic plans are the long-term plans which are designed by top managers. They are the drawings which made of several
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