Planning At Different Levels, Project Planning, And The Drawbacks Of Poor Strategic Planning

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Planning Planning within an organization is essential as it is the first of five managerial functions. Simply put, planning includes what an organization should do and how to do it. Without planning a manager may not organize, staff, lead, or control the organization efficiently and effectively. Throughout this paper I would like to discuss strategic planning, planning at different levels, project planning, and the drawbacks of poor strategic planning. According to the textbook strategic planning is defined as,” deciding how the organization will position itself in its environment and relative to competitors, to survive and thrive (p. 32). Strategic planning includes three stages: Where are we now? Where should we be going? And how…show more content…
The SWOT analysis includes the opportunities and threats, found in the external assessment, and the strengths and weaknesses, which are found in the internal assessment. Now that we have determined “where we are now,” it is time to discuss the steps to determine where the organization should go. During this stage we first develop a direction for the organization and then develop a strategy to get there. According to the textbook, “ The HCO decides which opportunities to pursue and how to protect against threats by building on strengths and overcoming weaknesses” (p. 35) With this, we then need to develop a strategy of how to get there. This strategy should first consider all possible alternative as well as considering the 5 P’s to a competitive advantage. These 5P’s include pace, potential, performance, position, and power. Overall, this step sets the fundamentals of getting from point A(where we are now) to point B(how do we get there). Now that we have discussed “where should we be going,” we can now determine how the organization will follow the strategy formed, and achieve it goals through
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