Planning, Design, And Implement Effective Strategies Essay

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The need for companies to plan, design, and implement effective strategies increases due to today 's rapidly changing global economy. In terms of organizational activities, the term strategy is commonly used. The strategic approaches used by one organization differ from the ones used by another organization. Planning, designing, implementing strategies differ from one organization to another as well as from an industry to the other. For this reason, practices of strategy do fit all organizations, and the strategy that works for one organization may not be successful for another (Rintari & Moronge, 2012). Virtual Solutions is a for-profit company based in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It provides IT services for organizations. It is a medium-sized company that has three branches, and 150 employees work in those branches. As an employee who has taken on various roles and responsibilities in the company during the past five years, it is time to take on a new responsibility to set a more effective strategy planning process and to suggest strategic recommendations based on a complete analysis of the company. The concepts and principles of the new strategy planning process should be clear so that the company 's executives can understand the process and thus implement it successfully. The Concepts, Theories, and Principles of the Strategy Planning Process In spite of the high competition and the fluctuations in the IT industry, Virtual Solutions has kept its position in the

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