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Planning Document

Dr. Bagwell
HRM 517-Managing Human Resource Projects
Strayer University
August 2012

Construct a project charter to revamp the compensation and benefits package.
Title: New Beginnings for the improvement of Human Resource Functions
Scope Overview: The New Beginnings project is to introduce a new and more efficient way of handling Human Resource functions to the company. The outsourcing of payroll systems and increasing the number of benefits the employees have access to will increase the morale of the company and decrease the current amount of stress associated with both. By changing the ways in which this team handles compensation and benefits packages to the current employees, this will give the team
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Milestone Schedule & Acceptance Criteria:
Milestone Completion Date Stakeholder Acceptance Criteria
Current State
Backed up compensation records, data input backlogged, paper record files, benefits packages costing more than the employees are getting
Research and interview vendors and packages 28 Sept Management
Vendors Narrow down of 3 vendors
Selection of 3 potential vendors 4 Oct Management
Vendors Meet the requirements of management, staff, finance dept., and IT
Narrow down benefit packages 4 Oct Management
Meet the needs of company staff, meets financial dept. requirements
Mock testing of new payroll vendor 10 Oct Management
Vendors Selection of 1 vendor
Meeting with staff about changes 17 Nov Staff
Management Staff understands new processes & narrows down staff’s needs
Narrow down packages based on staff needs 26 Nov Staff
Management Selection of set agreed upon packages
Selection of new payroll vendor 30 Nov Management
IT Integration occurs smoothly (agreements signed, IT configurations, glitches assessed)
Training on how to operate systems 7 Jan Staff
Management All employees trained
Future state
Centralized payroll data, faster & more efficient payroll system, satisfied staff with cost effective benefits
Ultimate goal:
Boost in morale for company, more money saved on payroll process, better
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