Planning, Financing And Delivery Of Healthcare

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The sole purpose behind planning is to accomplish a set goal. Planning is influenced by the financing that supports the plan. After a plan and financing is place it is time to deliver or act on that plan. Population trends have a major influence on the planning, financing and delivery of healthcare. Healthcare is the maintenance and restoration of health utilizing treatment and disease prevention methods (Merriam-Webster, 2015). Being aware of the actual population and disease patterns and trends is of great importance in the planning process. Having a good understanding of births and deaths, disease patterns and social patterns simplifies the planning process. Births and death rates are important because to get accurate statistics we need to know how many people are actually affected and at what part of life they are affected by something. Disease patterns such as non-communicable, and infectious diseases can increase levels of deaths and illness thus this information must be considered. Heart disease is found to be the number one cause of death among men and women in the United states (Pew, 2015). The only way to plan methods to improve this horrible statistic is know what causes it, who is affected by it, why do so many die from it and make changes to treat it and prevent it in the future. A social pattern that is currently affecting healthcare is the awareness movement in our society. Cancer awareness is part of the plan to improve the statistics
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