Planning For A Construction Project

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1 Introductions Time and cost are two critical objectives of construction project managements, are not independent but intricately related. It is generally realized that when project duration is compressed, the project will call for an increase in labor and more productive equipment, and require more demanding procurement and construction management, and then the cost will increase. In this chapter, the definition of planning for a construction project is given and the various types of planning are described. The definition of time and cost is provided from the perspective of contractors, the tradeoff relationship between the time and cost is also described. Problem of time-cost trade-off is also present in this chapter. 3.2 Definition…show more content…
Construction time is the completion time of the project. The timely crowning glory of a creation assignment is frequently visible as a first-rate criterion of project achievement through customers, contractors and experts alike. For any project completion time of project is a sum of all the activity which are including in critical path. Critical path is the longest path through the network and the time along this path gives the project duration. Critical path joins those activities which are critical. New combed et al. (1990) notice that there was the general criticism of the failure of the development enterprise to supply tasks in a timely manner. NEDO (1983) states that a disciplined management effort is needed to complete a creation project on time and that this concerted control effort will assist to manipulate both charges and satisfactory. This is tantamount to pronouncing that the purchaser’s targets may be done thru a control attempt that recognizes the interdependence of time, price and best [24 3.2.3 Construction Cost Cost is considered to be a common parameter of the resources expenditure on a project i.e. use of man, machines, materials and time for the performance of various activities are all related to this common measure of cost. In other words Expense incurred via a contractor for labor, cloth, gadget, financing, provider utilities etc. overheads and contractors’ income. Cost of land, architectural layout, charge of consultant and engineer are not
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