Planning For Long Term Success

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Planning for Long-Term Success Genia Moses Dr. Paul Frankenhauser Strayer University October 27, 2016 A successful business is like a road map covering all the highways and streets of the organization. The organization must be able to give a complete plan of the necessary task to keep the business moving from stage to stage. There are critical developing task to successfully grow in each stage of the business life term. An organization can start with a strong foundation by using some key components with development. The development skills have to cover the necessary requirements to be able to keep the company on top. A business has to develop a plan to establish a successful new venture. The ability of an entrepreneur to establish a new venture is dependent on some basic necessary skills. These skills include the ability to identify a niche in the market and to develop a product and/or service that fill the need. The success of the business usually creates the next set of challenges and problems to move to the next stage of the business venture. The business has to stay focus by using developmental tasks to have long term success. Developmental Tasks: The key to successful planning for long-term success of a business venture is following the plan of developmental tasks. The foundation is first step; the next process is to develop tasks that are necessary in determining success in every stage of growth. Developmental tasks work together for composing the
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