Planning For Target Populations And Community Health Programs

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February 19, 2017
Written Assignment #1
Planning for Target Populations and Community Health Programs

Cancer, also called malignancy, is an abnormal growth of cells (Quality of Life, 2017). In the state of Florida, cancer is considered to be the second highest burden on the entire nation. As of 2011, cancer has surpassed heart disease and is now known as the leading cause of death for Floridians. This is a sad thing. Due to the fact that cancer can attack anyone we are not considered to be safe. The number of deaths within the years 2009 through 2011 alone totaled about 122,921 (n.d). Cancer is a scary and touchy topic to discuss. Cancer is not only considered to be just one disease but it is multiple diseases at once. There
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Dealing with any life threatening disease can play a huge tool on your life. Having a disease such as cancer can leave those affected by it to look at life from a totally different prospective. It tends to lead people to examine their life and look for its meaning. To some, this aspect of having cancer may be the most valuable. It gives patients the ability to seek a positive meaning of their life. Quality of life can mean different things to different individuals. For some cancer patients it may mean to gain support from people. Cancer patients may also use the quality of life to help take one day at a time and regain as much control of their life as they reasonable could. Cancer can demonstrate multiple symptoms. Some symptoms are subtle and some are not considered to be subtle at all. Some symptoms of cancer affecting quality of life in patients would be cancer type and stage, as some types of cancer do not present any symptoms until they are in advanced stages, time since diagnosis, patient acceptance, intensity of the disease and the level of psychological distress experienced by caregivers (Heydarnejad, M., Hassanpour, D. A., & Solati, 2011).
Quality of life for the community of Miami-Dade County relies on a safe environment for residents as well as visitors who may pass through (n.d). The Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos A. Gimenez, dedicate himself to making strides in developing a better living,
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