Planning For The Elementary School System

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Introduction As a school system it is important to be proactive in planning for the educational needs of the students in the Applegate Public School System (APS). As a result of land developers being approved by the town council zoning board to build several townhome complexes, a new school needs to be built to accommodate the families that will be moving into those houses. The elementary school in the area that has been approved by the town council and zoning board is already at its maximum capacity. In order to prudently deal with the inevitable increase in she student population a strategic The process of selecting a site for the new elementary school was as follows: 1. Department of Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries has…show more content…
The Applegate Public School System has asked for special construction funding from the Capital Grant Program for Local School Systems with Significant Enrollment Growth (ERGC). Also, the APS has asked for funding from the Interagency Committee on School Construction (State roles in financing public school facilities, 2006). The Applegate Public School System has received on an annual basis $25 to $35 million in State aid for all eligible APS capital projects. The proposed capacity for the elementary school is 792 students with completion planned for 2018. The estimated capital cost for the elementary school is $20 million, for a size of approximately 93,126 square feet. A site planning stakeholder committee was initiated in the fall of 2015 that included Board Member Sarah Smith, and staff from the Division of Supporting Services, Department of Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) and others to engage in the search for the site for the new elementary school. As a result of the search process 10 sites were deemed appropriate based on acreage, availability, site conditions and location. The committee and M-NCPPC conducted and completed site walk-throughs for all 10 sites in December 2015, and completed preliminary site analysis and report of findings. These findings and site recommendations
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