Planning For The Meeting : Manager Of The Football Club

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TASK 1: PLANNING FOR THE MEETING: 1. Name: Blake Barter Customer information: a) Name: Liverpool Football Club b) Location: Liverpool, Anfield Road c) Name: Jurgen Klopp- Managing Director Venue: d) Tony Price e) 42 Green Lane Road, Liverpool Sales meeting arrangements: f) Date: Tuesday 24th November 2015 g) Time: 11:30- 12:30am h) Dress: Business uniform i) Attendees: Line Manager- Fred Small, Sales assistant- Blake Barter Research of the customer: j) New Managing Director of the football club( to offer the bronze and then the silver at the 5% and the 10% for silver, then go for gold that is top of range say we can do 13%, and tell them we can do 15% if sign on the day). k) They have a price back from Green Sports but they are going…show more content…
Don’t feel like you want to be over in second to make it feel that you want to be there and you want to listen to his views and what he has to say. Make sure you are listening to what he is saying and take it in maybe ask questions about it. Remember to use the samples and the brochure to help to explain and to stop the customer from being bore from your voice and to help them so you have care about this meeting and help so what your company is like. 3b. The person that is do the pitch should put build a good rapport and put the customer at ease because this will should that you are inserted in the customers wants and needs. Also what the requirement that might be place for the order. Question to ask… 1) Open: How are you feeling today? Tell me what is going on in your current situation? What are you looking for from our company? What are the options you are looking for? 2) Closed: Do you like our range of products? Do you have set budget for these requirements and upgrade? 3c. We might get some of objection we would need to thank the customer for rising the objections and to not move straight past them. The objections could be down the price or the timing have long
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