Planning Function at Boeing

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The Planning Function at Boeing

The Planning Function at Boeing The Boeing Corporation is second largest aerospace and defense contractor in the world and the largest exporter in the United States (Wikipedia, 2008). The management within this organization incorporates the four functions of management beginning with the planning function. Boeing is a large corporation that is well known all over the world that deals with many responsibilities. Legal, ethical, and social responsibilities are factors that have an impact on management planning. Boeing also deals with factors that influence the company’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. The company has a proven record that management is able to deal with
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Boeing has set aggressive and transparent enterprise wide performance targets to drive environmental thought and actions throughout its operations (, 1995-2008). Boeing engineers have created new commercial airplanes the 787 Dreamliner and the 747-8 which focuses on the conservation of fuel and improvement of carbon dioxide emissions which have a significant impact on the environment. Many companies are looking at ways to differentiate them from their competitors and currently “Going Green” takes the lead. “Going Green” means to become environmentally conscious in all your decisions.

There are many factors that may impact Boeing’s responsibilities, however there are also factors that that influence the company’s planning methods. Boeing’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning can be influenced by factors such as the economy, wars and terrorism, and globalization. Boeing must take into consideration the country’s economy when planning. If the country is experiencing economic issues such as a recession which typically hinders the airline travel business it will impact Boeing’s opportunity for profitability. If there is a decrease in airline travel then the needs for the airlines to purchase planes will decrease which can have a significant impact on the company’s profits. Boeing works with its suppliers to strategically plan on how to deal with the economic issues and be competitive within the industry. Wars and

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