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University of Phoenix The Planning Function of Management Introduction: Corporate America did not become who they are today by hiring vast numbers of random employees, but by hiring proven managers who can effectively implement successful plans to meet the Corporate objectives. Management is responsible for and is evaluated on how well they meet the organizational objectives through the effective and efficient use of resources. A manager is evaluated by his or her performance of getting the objectives achieved efficiently and effectively through the use of subordinate employees. Management is evaluated on their supervisory ability to use the four functions of management to achieve the organizational objectives. There are three…show more content…
Hooters has become famous for its wings and cold beer, but everyone knows that it is the Hooters Girls that have attracted the most business. Austin Texas was the prototype for the Hooters Girl-bosomy, but also bubbly, an approachable All-American girl, not a distant Miss Universe. And Hooters is great an overcoming the objections of God-fearing communities by establishing itself as a good citizen. It is hard to hate a Hooters Girl that has just helped you raise $10,000 for the Special Olympics. (Retrieved online from Fortune Magazine. September 2003. Hooters: A Case Study. Pg. 4.) While the company boasts millions and has survived over twenty years, with establishments all over the country, it has a stigma that cannot be denied. Management from all levels obviously had to establish an excellent plan to gain acceptance and popularity within the communities that house a Hooters establishment, especially in the "Bible Belt" regions. "The business of Hooters is predominantly the provisions of the entertainment, diversion, and amusement based on the sex appeal of the Hooters Girls" (Mathis & Jackson, 2000, Pg. 172) Hooters has gone up against the EEOC and won. The establishment was allowed to continue hiring good-looking young women as its wait staff. Men are hired to work for the Hooters organization, but they are hired as dishwashers and cooks, all of

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