Planning Health Promotion Campaigns

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Public relations share qualities with advertising, marketing, journalism, and more. There are also a lot of skills needed in this field. The article mentioned that skills like problem solving, writing, negotiating, creativity, and much more are all important in public relations. The work process followed by public relations is similar to the steps in building a successful and effective health promotion campaigns as well. The processes of promoting and forming health campaigns involve four stages, which were given by the article “Planning Health Promotion Campaigns”. The four stages are depended on how accurate and informative the researches have been done in the first stage. Both, public relations and health campaigns have various similarities and differences when campaigns are planned and executed.
Both public relations and health promoters go through similar planning steps and decisions. In both fields, researching is crucial to accurately find the objectives, goals, and
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The article, “Planning Health Promotion Campaigns”, gave an example of how to understand and target a group of audience. The article explained how by promoting cancer awareness for African Americans, the promoters found that most African Americans gathered at a salon and decided to execute the campaign starting at these salons. Not only do health promoters execute their propaganda by having personal contacts with the audience they also use mass media. Professor Myers explained some of the ways to execute and promote the health propagandas in her project. She is in charged of the communications committee and she explained some of the promoting channels that they are planning to use. Professor Myers mentioned how her communications committee is trying to use mass media, and the first step is to modernize the traditional government websites to appear more appealing to the
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