Planning Is Designing An Systematic Approach For Getting Goals Done

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Planning is designing an systematic approach to getting goals done. In this section of the essay I am going to talk about the role managers, organizations and employees play in planning. When you plan for something you have a goal in mind that you wish to achieve right? It is the same thing in business. Business leaders plan to complete business objectives in order for businesses to grow, meet requirements, control business processes and many more. There are three levels of goals that help managers accomplish objectives as a whole. Top level managers focus on strategic goals. Strategic goals are goals that define the course of the organization. This is basically what the organization is based around and it encompasses the values and…show more content…
Strengths are skills that the business is competent and dominant in which gives them the advantage of being in that business or even expanding. An example of strengths from a well known business can be Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart offers low prices to customers across the United States and has been recognized by a majority of consumers as a one stop store that offers everything you need at an affordable low price. A weakness for Wal-Mart is product quality. Not all of the products are the best quality in Wal-Mart, which leads consumers to shop other places when looking for better quality products. The first store was in Arkansas in 1967, this shows how Wal-Mart has taken advantage of the opportunity to expand to every county in the nation. The threats’ that Wal-Mart may face is from competition. Consumers with more buying power, buy from stores with better quality like best buy for electronics, or whole foods for produce. These are all strategies that businesses use to plan. As a manager decisions need to be made. Decisions are choosing from available alternatives, managers are often faced with many problems and certain alternative to rectify the problem. There are two types of decisions that can be made by managers programmed decisions and nonprogrammed decisions. Programmed decisions are decisions that have been made to solutions that occur often, and then there are nonprogrammable decisions which are decision that have only occurred once
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