Planning Is The Process Of Deciding In Advance What Must

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Planning is the process of deciding in advance what must be done in the future. It consist of objectives, goals, polices, procedures, rules, and methods that help achieve the organizations purpose. Strategic planning forces managers to anticipate where they want the organization to be in three to ten years. They must identify all the resources they need to get to that goal. It is also the starting point for the operating plan and budget. Operational planning is translating the strategic plain to a year’s objective. It consists of several steps: developing secondary, department, objectives, and polices.

2. What are the different ways to classify planning?
Planning can be classified by horizon, management approach, and design
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The first part is to investigate national trends and determine the direction of the healthcare industry. The second part is to investigate the local market and see what is around the organization.
• Step 3: Assess The Internal Environment
Governing body or outside consult must assess the internal environment, including factors that might affect the organization performance in the future or present. First part is to investigate organizational trends, such as the SWOT analysis.
• Step 4: Formulate The Vision
The executive team must formulate a vision for the future of the organization. It bases its vision on the information obtained from assessing the external and internal environments. It must communicate this vision across the organization.
• Step 5: Establish Strategic Thrusts
Executive management must establish goals for the organization. These are the ending results that the organization wants to achieve.
• Step 6: Identify Critical Success Factors
Executive management must identify critical success factors that will measure progress to achieve the organization plan. Critical success factors are organization specific.
• Step 7: Develop Core Objectives
Executive management must develop primary, or core objectives that will support the strategic thrust or goals. Primary objectives should encompass the entire organization.
• Step 8: Develop The Strategic Financial Plan
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