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Case Analysis Courtesy of the Student Learning Centre, the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand | | |Introduction | |Case studies are used to test the ability to interpret real or factual situations. The particular situation will determine what | |kind of analysis should be done. The most common requirements in a case analysis are: | |problem identification and problem solving; | |comprehension of complex situations;…show more content…
| |What professional practices? | |Are there people issues? | |Is there an obvious connection to a body of theory? | | | |Locate the case as precisely as you can in a situation e.g. ‘ this case is about a particular surgical procedure’ or ‘ this case| |is concerned with driver responsibilities in a car accident’. | |Read the case a second time for analysis. You are now reading and marking carefully. Your response to the case at this stage | |should be directed at answering the questions. In this second reading you will, in general | |try to break the case down into its main segments or elements; | |look for indicators in the text as to precisely
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