Planning Plan For Implementing The Planning Phase

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PLANNING This program plan contains one goal and four measurable objectives in order to facilitate the planning phase. These goals and objectives may change throughout the program plan, as it is tentative. Furthermore, the goal and each objective will be evaluated at the end of the implementation period in order to ensure each was met. Goal: The goal of this program plan is to educate and assist college students in accessing the mental health resources that are available to them on college campuses. Objectives: 1. 100% of participants will have accessed the mental health resources available through the Counseling Center at Averett University. 2. 100% of participants will have received mental health resources, such as pamphlets and counselor/psychologist contacts in order to ensure the students maintain a positive mental state. 3. 50% of students will have worked with the Counseling Center for the first time. 4. 100% of students will receive a pre- and post-test to test their knowledge of mental health resources and pre- and post-counseling survey to show how counseling affected their mental health/school dynamic. In order to ensure that this program plan is a success, there are many factors, such as funding, assistance, and support that must be arranged properly and in advance. In order to have assistance in providing mental health outlets to those who need it, psychologists from the community as well as counselors from Averett University would need to be utilized.
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