Planning Steps : Workforce Planning Strategy

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Planning Steps Workforce planning strategy. In analyzing the results of this gap analysis, it was noted that the department must plan strategically to properly address its workforce planning and development needs. Such planning would provide AGD with flexibility in its workforce and the ability to identify skills across the department which might be deployed to flexible work teams. A number of concerns, constraints or risks were identified which needed to be taken into account in the development and maintenance of a workforce planning strategy. Step 1: Identify Workforce Issues. Step 1: Employers Identify Workforce Issues tied to changes in strategic business plan and other new business initiatives. Go straight to developing workforce proposals, strategies, and programs. Employing Organization Workforce Functions The employing organization has to identify needed competencies and for building the future workforce through strategic recruitment, training, development, and retention techniques by: Step 1: Plan the Workforce Function. Identify Work Functions, Identify the work functions that must be performed in order to accomplish in accordance with strategic plans. Step 2: Identify Workforce Goals. Workforce goals are broad, high-level statements that address the key workforce issues. They describe the desired outcomes, but do not include specific strategies or performance measures. Identify Staffing Requirements. Identify the staffing, both in number of staff and
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